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Yorke Peninsula Carpet Cleaning is now a reseller for the amazing Slurpex Cleaning Sponge

The best way to get rid of a stain in your carpet is not to have one in the first place. Yorke Peninsula Carpet Cleaning are now official reseller's of the SLURPEX sponge. If you have pets inside, spill drinks etc then a SLURPEX sponge is a must at just $19.95.
Absorbs fast & thoroughly. No drips
Removes most spills & stains from your carpet.
Cleans and dries windows.
Removes fluff & pet hair....
Not affected by household chemicals

Hassle free carpet cleaning on the Yorke Peninsula

Safe and effective cleaning

We use the most advanced machinery available which ensures an effective, deep pile rinse of your carpets and upholstery. Due to the power, heat & suction of our machine, we don't need to use any harsh chemicals. We only use a minimal amount of water based detergent which is completely rinsed out during extraction.  Have peace of mind in knowing that our service will not void warranties and is the method of cleaning recommended by all carpet and upholstery manufacturers. Our cleaning service is completely safe for allergy sufferers. If you have any questions or comments we are more than happy to discuss them with you. 


How to prepare for our visit.

First, please don't move large furniture! We need to treat your main traffic areas first. We'll move around and clean under lounge suites etc where able during cleaning. A general tidy up is all that's required and a pre vacuum is always helpful. If an adjoining hard floor area is available, side tables, coffee tables, dining chairs etc can be placed there. Bedroom incidentals can be placed on the beds and valances and bed spreads tucked up as we clean under the beds as far as possible.

Note-  Incapacitated persons, the elderly and unattended holiday home clients will be catered for accordingly.

Please ensure power is connected  (for lights & scrubber if required) & a cold water tap is available.